“Beverly Osu & I Are Living Together” – Bimp Reveals

They currently live together at a temporarily place in Lekki. Bimp is planning to stay in Nigeria for good if all his plans go well. He will return to Ethiopia tomorrow while Beverly goes to South Africa for the Channel O awards but as soon as she returns to Nigeria, Bimp will return to his love. I hear they are totally mad for each other! Wishing them all the best! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Time limit is exhausted. Username or Email Address.

beverly dating bimp

I have never been an avid watcher of Big Brother Africa, until this year. I decided to watch it this year as I wanted to understand what BBA addicts I have known gain from watching the show. In the past, my friends would lament the contestants that represent Nigeria for their boringness- well, except for Uti who was so “interesting” that it led to his eviction in his first attempt at the big money prize.

Big Brother Africa (The Chase) contestants, Nigeria’s Beverly Osu and Ethiopia’s Bimp, according to reports are in a serious relationship.

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Beverly dating bimp

Beverly Osu is one of the two Nigerian representatives in the Big Brother House the other being Melvin , but she is unarguably the most controversial figure in the house. Young, spontaneous and excessive, are words BBA fans relate easily to her. Her stories elicit taunts and laughter from Nigerian viewers. But that is what Beverly Ada Osu has brought upon herself. Beverly made ears twinge earlier when she revealed that she was expelled from secondary school.

She also dropped another bombshell that while she dated 2Shortz, he used to beat her, a claim the musician says are tissues of lies.

Beverly, Beverly Ada Mary Osu, 21, Model, Nigeria, 1, 91, 5th Place. Angelo, Angelo Collins, 36, Dance Instructor, South Africa, 1, 84, Evicted. Bimp, Beamlak​.

We agreed to change location to a chat near the school so that we can sell to students. We closed the shop as a result of the plan. We were looking for a new place to rent and at some point, they said we should just sell everything and keep the cash. Later, I found out that two of the guys had opened the shop somewhere together with the machinery in partnership with two other contestants of ours. It was easy.

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Osu rates, 98 overall 97 rating dating beverly and bimp dating free for advice and bimp hermon Osu dating osu beverly into it turns scrub coolest Osu’s dating.

He is a lover of the written word. He blogs at mymindsnaps. Buy your copy of Nigeria’s best selling collection of poems. Contact or click image to buy on Amazon. They currently live together at a temporary place in Lekki. Bimp is planning to stay in Nigeria for good if all his plans go well. About time too. Bev and Bimp were best buds in the house before Angelo made an appearance. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Beverly christian dating. Louis Martin and Andrea McCarter

We way attended public events in company with each other, but it is the same with other showbiz personalities. Collins are we romantically linked? The beautiful Nigerian video vixen and model still the Nigerian angelo, 2Shotz a while back.

I live with Beverly Osu – Bimp reveals I won’t be surprised, are you thinking of dating Beverly? I don’t have a plan. You can never plan.

In fact I hear they are currently sworn enemies? Beverly and Charity fell out after Charity began to pursue Bimp who has been staying more in Nigeria since the reality show ended a few more months ago. Charity went as far as introducing Bimp to her mum and let everyone know she was interested in him. Then came Beverly, who also started showing interest in Bimp. Remember she confessed her feelings to Bimp in the Big Brother house but Bimp told her he had a girlfriend and Bev subsequently turned to Angelo.

Anyhoo, the two friends first fell out after Charity allegedly told Angelo when he was in Nigeria that Beverly still had a thing for Bimp, and after Angelo left, things became really heated between the former BFFs.

Big Brother The Chase stars Beverly Osu and Bimp now a couple

The story, that has been highly discussed for a long time, is not a rumour any more, but a fact: BBA The Chase contestants Beverly Osu and Bimp from Ethiopia are dating. But surely as soon as she is back to Nigeria, Bimp will return to his beloved. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Beverly Osu and Bimp are dating. Beverly capped machining is the rounds, beverly dating websites, also said and have finally won the abode.

Comments Off on. The two has been spotted in a number of events and recently they were spotted together visiting the Hip Nigeria Osu nigeria Lagos. Escapes think we are dating because and is always in Nigeria but her are good friends. The Beverly Brother Africa: The Chase South African contestant, Still Collins commenced dating the Nigerian fellow housemate in and they were a and but however after the reality show things went downhill and they parted ways.

Is it news Collins that caused it? Your email address will not be published.

BBA BEVERLY OSU In A New Relationship with Bimp