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Alyssa, High 18,. Select him and yourself to go on a date Posted on:. Mar 18,. Guest You do it same list any date but have Beckett as the boy Posted on:. Mar 19,. You just have to enroll them in your school, then you can go on a date Posted on:. Apr 9,. Posted on:. Apr 17,.

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I was on Level 10 in less than a week, Level 14 in less than a month, Level 30 in less than a year. I was on Level 16 for 34 days so that was my slowest level. That didn’t last very long, on the 6th March I purchased my first Rings to pay for new Quests. I haven’t used Rings on hardly any other purchases except for Quests and All-Stars.

My first few posts were really only about HSS bugs, it wasn’t until October that I started to post more regularly. I’ve been using this Wiki for a while now and I decided it was time to join and help update content if I could.

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Here is Part 2 of Walking in a Winter Wonderland! Thanks for the awesome responses :. Originally posted by bosayasayangenc. Alex woke up the next morning not sure if it had all been real. Groggily shuffling to the bathroom she caught her reflection in the mirror — A hickey?

Is there a quest that says that Julian and Autumn should date.., High School of your male characters, Nishan and Sakura, Wes and Mia and Ezra and Payton.

The faculty co-chair of the Graduate Affairs Committee is a member. Chairpersons of the Nominating Committee and Athletics Committee attend Agenda Committee meetings when their committees have items for upcoming meetings, and are welcome to attend all meetings. The Agenda Committee shall prepare and circulate the agenda prior to each Senate meeting. Any member of the Senate may suggest items for inclusion on the agenda. For any committee membership questions dating before years listed, contact the Faculty Senate President.

This committee shall be concerned with student admissions, probation, dismissal, and academic conduct. The Athletics Committee is not a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

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By High School Sports May 14, am. When Wes-Del athletic director Kye Denney heard about the Southern Wells varsity football head coach opening, he expected Steve Yencer to apply for the position. Yencer played quarterback for Southern Wells, and he then served as an assistant coach at his alma mater before venturing off for his own head coaching opportunity. Yencer was on staff in when the Raiders won the Class A state championship, and the rich tradition of the program, along with the fact he lives near the school in Poneto, further attracted him to the position.

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Answer from: cheer I dont think so i put my main character date julian but its ur game so i guess if u want them to date then they could date. I just hope they don’t make him out to be awful to her in later levels of this one. Julian is dating a different person without any problems so far. Answer from: Annonymous I think they should since well, when they hang out they sound embarrassed and shy. Its like if they have a crush on each other.

I put them together when I admitted Autumn. I think you should

Which “High School Story” Character Are You?

Strictly’s Neil Jones goes public with new romance following Katya cheating scandal. Maura Higgins shows off new teeth following visit to Michelle Keegan’s dentist. Gemma Collins reveals she was punched in the face and had her purse stolen. He had a tough time in the past following all that drama with ex-girlfriend Georgia Steel but it looks like things are on the up for Sam Bird who has confirmed he’s dating someone new.

The Love Island contestant confirmed at the National Television Awards that he has moved on from his ex and has been secreting dating someone else in the limelight.

Hss MC gets a major role in one of the plays and in said play they have to kiss someone. How would the “Sydney likes Mia, Michael, they’re practically dating.

Shane A male cheerleader hailing from Hearst High. He addresses guys and girls alike with affectionate nicknames. At least, while under Kara’s thumb. He’s got an eye for good fashion. On the receiving end of Kara stealing credit for the routine he made. He teaches it to your school before Hearst gets to use it. Fibikemi “Phoebe” Ayotunde Hearst High’s prom queen. Very proficient at martial arts, although her being prom queen means she has to keep that part of herself under wraps.

She really just wants to be able to cut loose and have fun, unrestrained from the shackles that her prom-queen title impose on her. What she’s expected to uphold as prom queen. Derek A member of Hearst High’s football team. Real Men Wear Pink: Pink hair , to be exact, albeit it’s cut short.

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High School Story is a mobile device video game developed and published by Pixelberry Studios in September The game serves as a sister story to Surviving High School , as some recognizable characters from the latter Autumn, Wes, Owen, Kimi are either included into or simply make appearances in the former. On June 4, , Pixelberry Studios announced that it would be ending support for the game in the following weeks.

High School Story is a choice-based simulation game. The player is a student attempting to build their own high school, with no given name. The player receives coins and rings from finishing quests, though they can also purchase coins and rings with real money in the Store.

Stay tuned for the final High School Story update in the coming weeks. See example, Autumn could be dating Julian, or Wes, or the player, or basically anyone.

Choices is a collection of visual story games that span many genres including romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more! Want user flair? Please check out our tutorial on setting your own user flair. Click here to see a timeline of all Choices books. Click here to see our Diamond Mining Guide. Click here to see our megathread surrounding MC’s gender choices. Click here to see our merchandise megathread. Click here to access the megathreads for the Choices VIP books.

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General Instructions. Special Instruction for Parents, Teachers and Students The head of institution should get a written consent about the name of the child and that of his father with correct spellings etc. Go to Top. Slip No 04 of challan form be pasted on admission form and Slip No 5 be retained as record. Instruction for Attesting Authorities The admission forms should be signed after enquiring the details of the student.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Phoenix: Rewritten by CornellBound reviews I’ve remade Phoenix and will be deleting the old version as soon as all the chapters are done. Same plot, only better. Karena pada dasarnya, mereka tak dapat hidup sendiri tanpa bantuan manusia lainnya. Itu yang menjadikan suatu hubungan antar manusia terbentuk. Berasal dari kepedulian dan empati pada manusia lainnya, adalah resep yang sesungguhnya dalam menjalin suatu ‘Ikatan’.

Persahabatan 4 gadis SMA yang unik. Mencari pengalaman baru bersama.

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