EastEnders Billy Mitchell actor Perry Fenwick splits from Corrie wife Angela Lonsdale

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. And now, she might be in for more heartbreak as ex Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick who she shares two children with, might be moving on with someone else. But things might be about to change for the BBC fan favourite. Poor Billy watched in agony as Honey moved on with Adam after their split, as he desperately tried to make amends with her. When the Mitchell found out that Karen Taylor Lorraine Stanley is having money troubles, he does everything he can to help. Viewers watched as Ben orders his mate to let Karen off on another payment but Tubbs ignores his request and demands to be paid back by the struggling mum of six. Billy suggests that Karen takes on anther job to help repay her debts to the boys, but hatches a plan to help when he learns that Ben is behind it all.

EastEnders cast ex-Emmerdale actor as new love interest for Honey Mitchell

We’re used to knowing all the details of their on-screen relationships, but many of our favourite EastEnders stars have been involved in off-screen partnerships that would be worthy of a storyline in the soap too. From Shane Richie’s former marriage to one of the famous stars of Loose Women to Martin Kemp’s nuptials to a fellow eighties pop star, these EastEnders partners of past and present are just as famous — if not more so — than their other halves. Take a look through the gallery to meet the EastEnders cast’s famous partners….

Since actress Emma Barton’s return to EastEnders in November , Honey father of her two children Billy Mitchell has been on and off again numerous times​. The air date for Stephen’s first episode has not yet been announced, but his.

She only managed a few seconds. The year-old actor is no stranger to water-cooler television. But she knew that this four-part drama — which revolves around the family of a child actor who is sexually abused by the director of his first Hollywood film — was going to be particularly divisive. Halfpenny, enviably chipper after a morning gym session, did wonder what she would have done. She has an year-old son, Harvey, with her ex-husband, fellow actor Craig Conway.

In the case of Dark Money , those grey areas are manifold. After watching footage of the abuse Isaac filmed surreptitiously on his phone mercifully, we only ever hear the audio; the camera is pointed at the ceiling the entire time , the couple are horrified. But Isaac insists that he wants nobody else to know. Suddenly, a decision that seems abhorrent becomes a little less so. Dark Money clearly reflects some of the issues that have arisen from the MeToo movement.

Halfpenny insists that this is a coincidence. Isaac had a chaperone while on set, but she did nothing to stop the abuse. Does she feel she was adequately protected?

BBC medical drama actors are highest-paid soap stars

Honey is introduced in November , employed by Yolande Trueman as a “honey trap” to see if her husband Patrick Trueman is willing to commit adultery. Honey causes confusion by mistaking Billy Mitchell for Patrick, but truth prevails, and Honey and Billy become friends. Honey has aspirations to become a model. Billy helps her find employment, acting as her manager. Billy and Honey are attracted to each other, and after a period of trepidation, they finally confess their feelings and became a couple in December The following month, Honey falls pregnant.

Gemma is an independent woman but she has longed to find the right man and settle down properly.” The GC is currently filming a new series.

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SHOCK new romance in Walford as THESE EastEnders favourites get closer?

Elsewhere in the show, after the mystery of the missing money is finally resolved with Sharon Mitchell being revealed as the thief, could the storyline have finally reached its conclusion? It looks like there might still be a few more episodes in it yet, as Mitchell and her new friend Mel Owen deliberate over what to do with the money. We know that Owen needs the cash returned to Ciara and Aidan Maguire in order to get her son Hunter back, so will she be able to resist outing her new friend to the couple or will she keep her secret?

Living nearby was Pauline’s twin brother Pete Beale, his wife Kathy and their The page also displays which episode is currently being filmed, the date it will be EastEnders is currently covering the issue of Down’s syndrome, as Billy and.

EastEnders is lining up a devastating blow for Billy Mitchell next week as he learns of Honey’s new romance. Upcoming scenes will see Honey Emma Barton go on a date with newcomer Adam Bateman after she makes a big impression on him at a dentist appointment. Former Emmerdale star Stephen Rahman-Hughes has been cast in the role of dentist Adam , whose connection with Honey will leave Billy’s reunion plans in tatters. Billy has been determined to reunite with his estranged wife Honey ever since they split back in February, and he continues to get his hopes up when she moves back in with him this week.

Not wanting to hurt Billy, Honey will find herself lying to him when she heads out on her first date with Adam — telling him that she’s actually meeting up with Kim Fox. After learning the truth about where Honey really was, an irritated Billy keeps quiet about his discovery and instead interrogates his ex about her night out with Kim. When the estranged couple later bump into Adam in the Square, Billy is quick to pick up on the atmosphere between him and Honey and she later decides to come clean about their date.

Devastated following Honey’s admission, Billy puts on a brave face when she asks him to watch the kids so she can meet Adam again. Feeling petty, Billy plies the children with sweets, which prompts Will to be sick — later admitting to Honey that it was purely to have a dig at her dating a dentist. With things tense between them in the aftermath, Billy desperately tries to make things up to Honey, but is left even more upset when he finds out the kids have met Adam.

Despite being crushed, Billy changes tactics and insists he just wants Honey to be happy — leaving her torn over Adam’s dinner invitation. Following some advice from Kim, Honey decides to go on another date with Adam, but is thrown into a dilemma when a heartbroken Billy begs her not to go.

Maisie Smith relationships: Who is the EastEnders actress currently dating?

As chaos ensues, the grave situation for those on board the boat grows worse. Back in Albert Square, the drama continues. Whitney’s hiding something and Bianca is determined to get to the bottom of it.

How old is Lola Pearce in EastEnders, who is the father of her baby and how is she related to Billy Mitchell? Lola was introduced as the granddaughter of Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Julie Danielle is an English actress from Lewisham in London. EastEnders’ return date has been revealed.

Find out everything But as she’s set to face a lot of drama over the next few weeks, who is Lola, how old is she and what do we know about actress Danielle Harold? The character is played by Danielle Harold who was born 30 May , making her 27, however, her character is thought to be Since joining the soap, Lola has been part of some huge storylines – including her teenage pregnancy. Her cousin Ben Mitchell is the father of daughter Lexi after they had a one-night stand at the age of On 23 July , Lola gave birth during a seven-minute live segment, making her the first character to ever give birth live on EastEnders and the second character ever in a soap.

Read More: What time is EastEnders on tonight? And what days is it on? But she decided to terminate the pregnancy after telling Jay she needed to keep her focus “solely” on Lexi. She told him: “One day, you will be an amazing dad. But someday, when we can do it properly. When we’re both ready.

Disastrous EastEnders date for Jay Brown and Ruby Allen as Billy Mitchell meddles

Category: EastEnders. Date: Aunty Caroline is outgoing, eccentric and vivacious and, as Honey’s mother died when she was born, Aunty Caroline has served as a surrogate mother to her and is consequently very protective.

Honey gives birth to a girl, Janet (named after Honey’s mother), but her Billy assumes it is a date and confesses his love, however Honey reveals that she.

Maisie Smith won over the hearts of the nation playing Tiffany Butcher on EastEnders, but has the stunning actress had her heart won over by anyone? Get the best celeb exclusives and video house tours to your inbox every evening with our daily newsletter. Luckily for Maisie fans the star has since returned to famous Albert Square, and is also a big name on social media too. The stunning 19 year old has racked up an impressive amount of views on TikTok and has a whopping 1.

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Later when Chantelle helps Jags Panesar with his shopping — Gray secretly watches from afar. Elsewhere Billy Mitchell is left frustrated by his ex-wife Honey but later following a turn of events he discovers her secret — she has an eating disorder. The week begins with Gray and Chantelle returning from their honeymoon. Gray suggests she take another pregnancy test but when she points out it’s too early he leads her upstairs and says they should try for another baby….

Dirty Den left EastEnders, presumed killed, thus leaving the door open for a dramatic reappearance at some future date. Nicholson When Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover Helen Mirren.

Their date is ruined by Billy and Shirley and Ruby’s flat is broken into – but could love still flourish for the couple? Unfortunately, Billy decides to meddle and warns Jay that it might not be a good idea after everything that has happened to them. Ruby is currently trying to get justice for her harrowing rape ordeal, while Jay was previously arrested for having sex with an underage girl.

Despite this, the pair still end up meeting but Jay suggests that they just meet as friends. Ruby’s confidence is knocked but after some moral support from Stacey, she meets up with him at Walford East. Their date is ruined but Billy attempts to put things right by revealing that he has a crush on Shirley. Jay later walks Ruby home but is startled when she shouts after him ans reveals that someone has broken into her flat.

EastEnders spoilers: Billy Mitchell and ex-wife Honey in steamy bedroom scenes

Fans were scratching their heads after seeing Honey on tonight’s episode. Honey didn’t look good in tonight’s episode of EastEnders. The character who is played by Strictly Come Dancing’s Emma Barton was working when Billy discovered her looking under the weather.

Adam, who is dating Billy’s ex-wife Honey, has been sleeping with Habiba for weeks and despite being told by her former spouse, refuses to believe the.

ITV launching ‘ground-breaking’ new dating show to replace Love Island. I’m A Celeb ‘makes U-turn’ in huge twist to this year’s series. Since actress Emma Barton’s return to EastEnders in November , Honey Mitchell’s relationship with her husband and father of her two children Billy Mitchell has been on and off again numerous times. However, things haven’t been looking good between them since Tina Carter knocked down their year-old daughter Janet in a hit and run – and then Billy had a one-night-stand with her.

So at the moment, Billy is trying to win Honey back, but it’s not going very well. Enter a dashing dentist named Adam Bateman played by former Emmerdale actor Stephen Rahman-Hughes, and Honey’s head is well and truly turned. Adam, who was fostered by Arshad and Mariam Ahmed at eight-years-old, will move to Walford and begin work as the new local dentist.

Obviously, Honey needs an appointment just at that time – and falls for him.

EastEnders’ Billy Mitchell schemes after discovering Honey’s new romance

She made her first appearance in the show on 22 November The character left the show on 2 September She took a break in , departing on 17 January. Honey is introduced in November , employed by Yolande Trueman Angela Wynter as a “honey trap” to see if her husband Patrick Rudolph Walker is willing to commit adultery.

En juin , l’équipe de production de EastEnders annonce que Harold jouera le rôle de Lola Pearce (en), la petite-fille des personnages de longue date Billy.

After being sacked by Pam Coker and blacklisted from the undertaker business, Billy is left struggling to cope. Scared about telling Honey the truth, Billy voices his concerns to Tina, who advises him to be honest with her. After a mix-up in the launderette, Honey came across some racy underwear that she had never seen before. Although the underwear really belonged to Linda, she was too embarrassed to admit it, and so Honey made the assumption that it must belong to some mystery woman Billy was cheating on her with.

Honey spots Billy talking closely with Tina and comes to the conclusion that they are having an affair. Billy tells Honey he wants to move on to better things, leaving her hurt as she thinks he means moving on with Tina. After getting their wires crossed, Billy will eventually confess the truth about both losing his job and cheating with Tina. Already struggling after losing his job, how will Billy cope if he loses his wife in the chaos too?

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